Friday Night Funkin'

8596 players

What is Friday Night Funkin'?

Friday Night Funkin' is a music rhythm game combined with agility and speed created by ninjamuffin99. You will have to engage in a battle with your girlfriend's dad to win her heart. He is a talented musician and will constantly give you extremely difficult challenges so to win you need to feel the rhythm and hit the right notes.

Game Rules

In Friday Night Funkin', your task is to complete the musical notes that appear on the screen by clicking the arrow buttons or the W, A, S, and D keys. The game has 3 levels Easy, Normal, and Hard corresponding to the difficulty level. increases gradually at each level. If you are new, try the first week of the Easy level, it will help you get better acquainted with the game. You can then upgrade your speed by choosing the harder weeks of the other levels.

Friday Night Funkin' is a rhythm game so listening to the rhythm is extremely important. You need to feel the music and enjoy it. The game uses extremely vibrant and catchy songs. Join our game now, and try to conquer your girlfriend!


  • The music is catchy and attracts players
  • Bright, colorful interface
  • Attractive gameplay with many exciting challenges
  • There are many levels to choose from


One of the most underappreciated methods to boost your performance on Friday Night Funkin' is to play with two hands. Most players are unaware that they may use both the arrow keys and WASD to play simultaneously.

Many skilled players propose using the left and right arrow keys, as well as the W and S keys, or the up, down, A, and D keys, all at once. Using both hands at the same time provides greater space for everyone and makes it much easier to get through combinations.

Change the keys to alleviate finger strain when playing, such as F, G, H, and J; H, J, K, and L; or Y, U, I, and O. As a result, instead of remembering which arrows are whose, players will press the buttons at the identical locations seen on screen. Assign any key that suits you and become accustomed to it.