FNF Baddies

39 players

What is FNF Baddies?

FNF Baddies is a compelling, story-driven mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). This mod centers around a collection of femme fatales—Stalker Girl, Cassette Girl Clone, Jasmine, and Nekofreak—who, along with their male counterparts (BF or Casanova), battle it out through various melodic and beat-driven settings. Returning to the core ethos of the original game, FNF Baddies offers a complex narrative interwoven with intense rap battles.

Rules of FNF Baddies

Playing FNF Baddies follows the traditional mechanics of Friday Night Funkin', but with added story elements and unique challenges:

  • Follow the Beat: Players must hit the correct arrow keys in sync with the music to outperform their opponents in rap battles.
  • Engage in Story-Driven Battles: Each week presents a different narrative arc and musical challenges with distinct characters.
  • Master the Songs: Successfully perform a series of songs each week to progress through the storyline.
  • Adapt to Dynamic Gameplay: Experience various settings and scenarios that affect the rhythm and difficulty of each rap battle.

Features of FNF Baddies

Intriguing Storyline

FNF Baddies offers an intricate plot that unfolds over three weeks, with Boyfriend (BF) encountering a series of formidable and captivating opponents. Each week introduces new characters, songs, and story twists, making the gameplay both engaging and unpredictable.

Week One: The Stalker Saga

In the first week, players face Stephanie, a member of the extreme group who struggles to contain her feelings for Boyfriend. Songs include:

  • Encounter
  • Insane
  • Uhoh
  • Drift

Week Two: The Cassette Girl Challenge

The second week features Cassette Girl, who initially wants to enjoy a fun musical competition. However, things take a turn during the intense rap battle on "Malfunction." Songs include:

  • Kagayaku Kassetto
  • Donnie Soft
  • Malfunction

Week Three: Jasmine’s Musical Invitation

In the final week, Jasmine, a new admirer, challenges Boyfriend to a series of steamy songs, culminating in an epic showdown. Songs include:

  • Foreplay
  • Aye Papi
  • Xes

Diverse Characters and Settings

The mod introduces a variety of femme fatales and their unique male counterparts. Each character brings their own flair to the rap battles, contributing to the diverse and dynamic gameplay experience.