FNF Genocide, but Everyone Sings it

77 players

Definition of FNF Genocide, but Everyone Sings It

FNF Genocide, but Everyone Sings It is a custom modification for Friday Night Funkin' that features a collaborative performance of the "Genocide" v2 remix from vs Tabi. Instead of the standard one-on-one rap battles, this mod presents a musical relay where characters from different FNF mods pass the mic and take turns singing the song. The result is a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience that showcases the diverse cast of FNF characters and their unique vocal styles.

Gameplay and Rules

The gameplay mechanics of FNF Genocide, but Everyone Sings It adhere to the traditional FNF format with added elements to enhance the collaborative performance:

  • Arrow Key Controls: Players use the arrow keys to match the notes as they align with the judgment line. Precise timing and accuracy are crucial for successfully navigating the musical challenges.

  • Judgment Line: Players must press the corresponding keys when the notes reach the judgment line. Missing too many notes in succession will result in defeat, requiring players to maintain focus and rhythm throughout the song.

  • Musical Relay: Characters from various FNF mods take turns singing different parts of the "Genocide" v2 remix. This adds a layer of complexity and excitement, as players must adapt to the changing vocal styles and rhythms of each character.

  • Winning Conditions: To win, players must hit the correct notes as they align with the judgment line, maintaining rhythm and precision. The goal is to ensure the progress bar tilts in the player's favor by the end of the song.

Tips for Playing FNF Genocide, but Everyone Sings It

To excel in FNF Genocide, but Everyone Sings It, players can follow these tips:

  • Practice Regularly: Regular practice is key to improving timing and accuracy. Spend time in FreePlay mode to familiarize yourself with the song and its unique patterns.

  • Focus on the Judgment Line: Keep your eyes on the judgment line to ensure you hit the notes precisely when they align. This will help you maintain rhythm and avoid mistakes.

  • Adapt to Different Characters: Each character has a unique vocal style and rhythm. Pay attention to the transitions between characters and adapt your timing accordingly.

  • Listen to the Music: Pay attention to the music's rhythm and beats. The audio cues can help you anticipate the upcoming notes and improve your overall performance.

  • Stay Calm: The fast-paced nature of the game can be overwhelming. Stay calm and focus on the notes to avoid getting overwhelmed by the mod's challenging elements.