FNF: Pico's School

37 players

What is FNF: Pico's School?

FNF: Pico's School is a mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin'. In this mod, players take on the role of Pico, a character from the Flash cartoon series on Newgrounds. The mod features new characters, songs, and storylines that pay homage to the original "Pico's School" series while integrating seamlessly into the FNF gameplay mechanics.

Rules of FNF: Pico's School 

The rules of FNF: Pico's School follow the core principles of Friday Night Funkin', with players required to hit musical notes in time with the beat to progress through the game. However, the mod introduces unique challenges and enemies that test the player's rhythmic precision and reaction time. Here are the key rules:

  • Timing and Accuracy: Players must press the arrow keys in sync with the notes displayed on the screen. Missing too many notes will deplete Pico's health bar, leading to a game over.
  • Progression: The game is divided into weeks, each featuring different characters and songs. Completing all the songs in a week allows players to advance to the next.
  • Difficulty Levels: The mod offers various difficulty settings, catering to new players and seasoned rhythm game enthusiasts.

Features of FNF: Pico's School

1. New Characters

"FNF: Pico's School - Friday Night Shootin'" introduces several new characters from the Newgrounds universe, enriching the gameplay experience with nostalgic references and fresh challenges.

  • Nene: From "Nene Interactive Suicide," Nene is the antagonist of the first week. Players must outdo her in three songs: "Smooth," "Gossip," and "Teen Suicide."
  • Oliver Piconjo: The villain of week two, Oliver Piconjo, is drawn from the anime series "Piconjo" and Newgrounds Rumble. He challenges Pico in three intense rock tracks: "Adobe Recycle," "Piconjos School," and "Trapped In Them Aym."
  • Alucard: The final week features Alucard, a telekinetic adversary from "Pico's School." The rap battle with Alucard includes the songs "Mind Over Matter," "Technokinesis," and "Rhythmic Ascension."

2. Engaging Storyline

The mod weaves a compelling narrative that connects the various characters and songs. Each week presents a new chapter in Pico's journey, filled with references to the original Newgrounds series and enriched by detailed backgrounds and dialogues.

3. High-Quality Music and Art

The mod features high-quality, original music tracks that capture the essence of each character and scenario. The art style remains true to the iconic look of the Newgrounds series while incorporating the vibrant, animated feel of Friday Night Funkin'.

4. Challenging Gameplay

"FNF: Pico's School - Friday Night Shootin'" ramps up the difficulty with complex note patterns and rapid tempo changes. The battles against Nene, Oliver Piconjo, and Alucard are designed to test players' skills, making every victory a hard-earned triumph.