FNF Rabbits Hole Remix

90 players

Definition of FNF Rabbits Hole Remix

FNF Rabbits Hole Remix is a creatively designed mod for Friday Night Funkin' that features a musical duel between Boyfriend and Hatsune Miku. Unlike previous encounters, this mod presents a reimagined version of their song, incorporating new motifs and charts to provide a fresh and engaging experience. The remix not only enhances the original track but also introduces new challenges for players to master.


The rules of FNF Rabbits Hole Remix follow the fundamental mechanics of Friday Night Funkin', with specific elements tailored to the remix:

  • Rhythm-Based Gameplay: Players must press the arrow keys in time with the music, matching the on-screen prompts to score points and outperform their opponent.
  • Health Bar: Maintaining a higher health bar than Hatsune Miku is crucial. Successfully hitting notes keeps the bar full, while missed notes deplete it.
  • Song Completion: To progress, players must complete the remixed song without letting their health bar drop to zero. Too many mistakes can result in the song ending prematurely, necessitating a restart.
  • Precision and Timing: Players need to accurately follow the new motifs and charts introduced in the remix. This requires a keen sense of rhythm and precise timing.
  • Stage Performance: The battle takes place on stage, adding a visual element of performance that enhances the overall experience.

Game Features

FNF Rabbits Hole Remix distinguishes itself with several unique features that enhance its appeal:

  • Reworked Song: The mod features a remixed version of the original song performed by Boyfriend and Hatsune Miku. The new motifs and charts offer fresh challenges and keep the gameplay exciting and engaging.
  • High-Quality Visuals: The stage and character animations are of high quality, providing a visually stunning experience. The animations are synchronized with the music, ensuring a cohesive and immersive performance.
  • Dynamic Difficulty Levels: The mod includes multiple difficulty settings, catering to both beginners and seasoned rhythm gamers. This allows players of all skill levels to enjoy the mod and find a suitable challenge.
  • Enhanced Musical Experience: The remix introduces new musical elements that add depth and variety to the original track. This enhanced musical experience keeps players engaged and motivated to master the new charts.
  • Character Interaction: The dynamic between Boyfriend and Hatsune Miku is well-crafted, adding a layer of narrative and engagement to the musical battle. Their interactions on stage make the performance feel more authentic and immersive.