FNF Vs. Dusttale Remastered

22 players

What is FNF Vs. Dusttale Remastered?

FNF Vs. Dusttale Remastered is a fully scripted, psychedelic, and mind-blowing mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). This mod immerses players in the dark and twisted narrative of Sans from Undertale, who goes on a maddening quest that leads him to kill his own brother and descend into insanity. Players will confront Sans' dark side, represented through intense rap battles, as he grapples with his guilt and madness.


The core gameplay mechanics in FNF Vs. Dusttale Remastered adheres to the traditional rules of Friday Night Funkin':

  1. Follow the Rhythm: Press the corresponding arrow keys as they align with the beat on the screen, ensuring accuracy and timing.
  2. Complete the Songs: Successfully navigate each song by hitting the notes correctly. Missing too many notes will result in failure.
  3. Advance the Story: Progress through the mod's storyline by winning rap battles against Dusttale Sans.


Dark and Psychedelic Narrative

FNF Vs. Dusttale Remastered presents a compelling and dark narrative that explores Sans' descent into madness. Haunted by the belief that everything is his fault, Sans embarks on a crazy quest that ultimately leads him to confront Boyfriend in a series of intense musical battles. The storyline is enriched with animated vignettes and speech that delve into the motivations of Sans and Boyfriend, providing a deeper understanding of their characters.

Unique Musical Battles

The mod features ten new songs, each designed to challenge players' rapping skills and rhythm. The tracks range from slow and haunting to fast-paced and intense, mirroring Sans' psychological state and the escalating tension of the narrative. Key songs include:

  1. Intro Song: Sets the stage for the dark journey ahead with a slow and eerie tempo.
  2. Climactic Battle Tracks: Increase in difficulty, demanding precision and quick reflexes.
  3. Final Song (Vs. Difficulty): Requires significant effort and perseverance to complete, serving as the ultimate test of players' skills.

Psychedelic Visuals

The mod boasts psychedelic and mind-blowing visuals that reflect Sans' deteriorating mental state. The graphics are designed to immerse players in the dark and twisted world of Dusttale, with each rap battle accompanied by intense and surreal animations.

In-Depth Storytelling

FNF Vs. Dusttale Remastered goes beyond typical rhythm gameplay by incorporating animated vignettes and dialogues that tell the story of Dusttale. These elements provide context and depth, allowing players to fully engage with the narrative and understand the motivations driving Sans and Boyfriend.

High Difficulty Level

The mod is known for its challenging gameplay, particularly the final song on Vs. Difficulty. Players will need to demonstrate exceptional timing and perseverance to successfully complete the mod, making it a rewarding experience for those who master the challenges.