FNF Wednesday's Infidelity

52 players

What is Geometry Dash Cohesion?

FNF Wednesday's Infidelity is a captivating and eerie mod for the popular rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). In this mod, Mickey Mouse subjects the Cheating Boyfriend to a series of musical tortures, spread across three intense and sometimes terrifying weeks. Each week offers a unique narrative and setting, taking players on a journey through Mickey's troubled mind and fantastical worlds.


The gameplay mechanics in FNF Wednesday's Infidelity follow the traditional structure of Friday Night Funkin':

  1. Follow the Rhythm: Players must press the corresponding arrow keys as they align with the beat on the screen, maintaining accuracy and timing.
  2. Complete the Songs: Successfully navigate each song by hitting the notes correctly. Missing too many notes will lead to failure.
  3. Advance the Story: Progress through the weeks by winning rap battles and uncovering the narrative.


Week 1: Save The Depression Mouse

The first week, "Save The Depression Mouse," introduces players to Mickey Mouse's existential crisis. Realizing he has been living a lie, Mickey seeks to discover new meaning in life. Players will help him through this journey, navigating melancholic and introspective tracks that reflect Mickey's inner turmoil.

  • Setting: A dark and somber environment that mirrors Mickey's depressed state.
  • Music: Emotional and haunting melodies that convey Mickey's despair.
  • Objective: Help Mickey find a new purpose and lift his spirits through music.

Week 2: Brick Of Friendship

In the second week, "Brick Of Friendship," the setting shifts to the fantastical world of Toyland. Here, vibrant flowers grow, and butterflies flutter around. This week focuses on the possibility of forming a new friendship with Mickey through engaging rap battles.

  • Setting: A colorful and whimsical world that contrasts sharply with the first week's darkness.
  • Music: Upbeat and lively tracks that reflect the playful atmosphere of Toyland.
  • Objective: Build a new friendship with Mickey by performing well in rap battles.

Week 3: Father I Crave Cheddar

The final week, "Father I Crave Cheddar," takes place in an abandoned, seemingly haunted school. The eerie setting is filled with painful groans echoing through the walls and minimal lighting guiding the way. Players must confront the hidden terrors of this place through intense musical battles.

  • Setting: A creepy, abandoned school with a haunting ambiance.
  • Music: Dark and intense tracks that heighten the sense of fear and urgency.
  • Objective: Uncover the secrets hidden within the school and survive the musical confrontation.

Engaging Narrative

FNF Wednesday's Infidelity offers a deep and engaging narrative that explores themes of depression, friendship, and fear. Each week tells a unique story, with Mickey Mouse at the center of these emotional and psychological battles. The narrative unfolds through animated sequences and dialogue, providing a rich and immersive experience.

Challenging Gameplay

The mod is known for its challenging gameplay, requiring players to maintain precision and focus to navigate through the complex rhythms and beats. Each week's tracks present increasing difficulty, testing players' skills and perseverance.

High-Quality Animations and Visuals

FNF Wednesday's Infidelity features high-quality animations and detailed visuals that enhance the overall experience. The environments are meticulously crafted to reflect the mood and setting of each week, drawing players into the world of Mickey Mouse's troubled mind.