Friday Night Funkin vs Tabi v2: Restored

97 players

What is Friday Night Funkin' vs Tabi v2: Restored?

Friday Night Funkin' vs Tabi v2: Restored is a fan-made mod that resurrects the discontinued FNF vs Tabi v2, offering players a glimpse into what could have been. Developed by passionate modders, this installment transports players to an alternate realm where they must engage in musical battles against Tabi, their ex-boyfriend seeking vengeance. With its faithful recreation of the original concept and added enhancements, FNF vs Tabi v2: Restored delivers an immersive and thrilling gameplay experience.

Game Rules

Within Friday Night Funkin' vs Tabi v2: Restored, players must adhere to certain rules to emerge victorious in their musical battles. These rules include:

  • Rhythmic Accuracy: Players must hit the notes on the chart in synchronization with the beat of the music to progress through the song successfully.
  • Reaction Time: Quick reflexes are essential to respond promptly to on-screen prompts, ensuring smooth gameplay and avoiding missed notes.
  • Health Management: Players must monitor their health bar closely, avoiding consecutive missed notes that could deplete their health and lead to defeat.
  • Strategic Play: Utilizing strategic gameplay techniques such as combo chains and power-ups can provide an edge in challenging encounters, helping players overcome obstacles and secure victory.
  • Persistence: Overcoming failures and learning from mistakes is crucial to mastering the game, motivating players to persist and improve their skills with each attempt.


Friday Night Funkin' vs Tabi v2: Restored offers several standout features that elevate the gaming experience, including:

  • Story Mode: Players can immerse themselves in a captivating narrative as they embark on a journey to confront their vengeful ex-boyfriend, Tabi. 

  • Free Play Mode: For those seeking a more casual experience, free play mode allows players to enjoy the game at their own pace without the constraints of the story mode. 

  • Intuitive Controls: With simple and intuitive controls, players can easily navigate through the game's interface and execute complex maneuvers with precision. 

  • Dynamic Difficulty: FNF vs Tabi v2: Restored adjusts its difficulty level dynamically based on player performance, providing a tailored experience that challenges players to push their limits while ensuring accessibility for newcomers.

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Using arrow keys or W, A, S, D