Funk's Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia)

16 players

What is Funk's Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia)?

Funk's Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia) stands out as one of the most popular mods for the rhythm game Friday Night Funkin'. This mod immerses players in a thrilling musical battle between Funk's Justice and Deku, the iconic protagonist from the beloved anime series My Hero Academia. Set during the UA Sports Festival in the first half of season 2, this mod brings the excitement and energy of the anime to the world of Friday Night Funkin'.


While Funk's Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia) is known for its difficulty, players can choose to play in Easy mode to make the experience more accessible. The core gameplay mechanics remain consistent with traditional Friday Night Funkin' mods:

  1. Follow the Rhythm: Press the corresponding arrow keys as they align with the beat on the screen, ensuring accuracy and timing.
  2. Complete the Songs: Successfully navigate each song by hitting the notes correctly. Missing too many notes will result in failure.
  3. Choose the Difficulty: Players can select their preferred difficulty level, allowing them to tailor the gameplay experience to their skill level.


Exciting Anime-inspired Battles

Funk's Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia) brings the intense battles of My Hero Academia to life through thrilling musical showdowns. Players will face off against Deku, showcasing their rhythm skills in epic rap battles inspired by key moments from the UA Sports Festival arc.

Authentic My Hero Academia Experience

The mod stays true to the spirit of My Hero Academia, capturing the essence of the anime series in its visuals and music. From the character designs to the background animations, every detail is meticulously crafted to immerse players in the world of UA High School and its aspiring heroes.

Dynamic Difficulty Levels

While the mod is known for its challenge, players can opt to play in Easy mode to enjoy the experience without feeling overwhelmed. This allows fans of My Hero Academia of all skill levels to join the fun and experience the excitement of battling Deku in a musical showdown.

Nostalgic Storytelling

Funk's Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia) takes place during a pivotal moment in the anime series, allowing fans to relive the excitement of the UA Sports Festival. Through animated sequences and dialogue, the mod provides a nostalgic storytelling experience that will delight fans of My Hero Academia.

Engaging Gameplay

Despite its difficulty, the mod offers engaging and rewarding gameplay that will keep players coming back for more. With catchy tunes, challenging rhythms, and epic battles, Funk's Justice Vs. Deku (My Hero Academia) delivers an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of both Friday Night Funkin' and My Hero Academia.